Monday, February 16, 2004

this here is my blog. it is dedicated to grace, who loves blogs for the same reason that i do, which is because it's such a wonderfully lazy, passive way to keep tabs on your friends' lives. i've enjoyed reading hers so much that i feel i pretty much owe it to her to keep one myself. can't have all the fun, now can i?

it's also a little experiment. i haven't kept any consistent written record of my life since about seven or eight years ago--oh, except for that really brief and heinous livejournal experiment. i won't link to it, 'cause it's that bad, but if you're really curious, my username is a tribute to bill burroughs, may anyhow, it wouldn't be a such a bad exercise for me to (try to) write consistently. we'll see how this goes. i'm not known for my consistency, at least not in doing things.

i'll begin simply. today was a really fine example of a do-(almost)-whatever-you-want day. laundry, which is doing itself as i write, and dishes, which are done, were the only chores du jour. i slept in until ten-thirty, which surprised me and which i apparently needed to do as i felt much better for it. lay in bed talking to howell for a while until our respective stomachs drove us out of bed to breakfast. lounged around eating a truly fine pineapple and talking to my parents on the phone. made plans tentative plans with heather to go to the aquarium.

then i took a shower and did my new favorite thing--shaving my naughty bits. howell talked to heather again, this time with kate present. the aquarium was nixed due to collective laziness and fear of screaming children. instead, we would venture to the super88 (giant amazing asian market nearby)! had good sex before leaving the house to meet k and h at coffee.

here's an aside. i apologize to my (imaginary) readers about tmi on the sex front. but the fact is that sex has NOT been a part of my life for so long (due to vestibulitis and an utter lack of libido) that it so tickles me to feel NORMAL again (having stopped taking birth control pills, both problems have improved) after nearly five fucking years that i can't not talk about it. that's what the scroll bar is for, kids.

after coffee and mockery from k and h about being late (i run about 30 minutes slower than most people on almost everything--it's a heriditary condition), we headed to the super88 with a detour to the uppity and packed yarn store in hahvahd squayah, where i got my very first pair of knitting needles (has this enabled me to knit? no. argh.) and some beautiful blue and grey yarn. went to 88 and acquired more pineapple and red peppers and some cassis juice for jenny to thank her for her company in connecticut. then to grand opening to covet my favorite vibrator (silicon and fine german engineering) and get a speculum in preparation to check out the iud i'll hopefully have inserted tomorrow. and just for fun, really. headed homewards, feeling complain-y and achey. good conversation on the train. bid heather and kate goodbye at their stop. drank quarts of water and miso soup at home and ate chinese broccoli and brown rice until i felt less shitty. howell read papers for class and screwed around on the internet; i read the new yorker and cast on/pulled off the mess/cast on/pulled off the mess for about an hour. after a while i actually knit a couple of rows, but then i got the truly brilliant idea that i should unravel the yarn (which, admittedly, was a mess) and roll it back up into a tidier ball. needless to say, it was a disaster. guess what i'll be doing tomorrow night...

that puts us almost at now. howell is making noises at me from the bathroom and has come out to solicit my help taking out the laundry. i should go with him...after he finds enough quarters. pooh (the surviving mouse) is sleeping happily. soon i will be too. it's been a damn good day.


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