Thursday, February 19, 2004

a very strange dream, before i forget:
i was in a hospital, not as a patient but just wandering around. (this is not so surprising, as i work in what is effectively a hospital which is within about a five-foot radius from about 5 other hospitals.) grace (see below) was supposed to be meeting me there...there was some pre-context which i no longer remember. i was in the process of writing a paper for or about grace, which i showed her when she arrived. she had a fit, insisting that we edit them. fortunately, some offices of the college at which i take night classes were also in this hospital. she took them off to the writing assistance office, and i, feeling a bit put out, went to work on my calculus homework by the river. but i lost one of howell's mittens in the water and had to wade in after them and almost lost the other member of the pair. i emerged sopping wet, and went back to find grace, who was still miffed about my apparent flakiness with regards to the writing.

after that i forget, but i woke up thinking that i should really get the post-interview thank you notes that are hanging over my head...


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