Saturday, March 20, 2004

because i don't actually feel like writing and because this is such a good thing (i stole it from grace):

1) Opening credits: "shanty for the arethusa" by the decemberists
2) Dreaming about someone scene: "shy" by ani difranco
3) Waking up scene:
4) Happy friends scene: "girls just wanna have fun" by cyndi lauper/"innocent when you dream (barroom)" by tom waits
5) Driving scene: "black planet" by the sisters of mercy/"carey" by joni mitchell (depending on the mood)
6) Action/fight scene:
7) Chase scene: "the night we nearly got busted" by a3
8) Happy love scene: "hyperballad" by bjork/"the wind" by cat stevens/"for emily, whenever i may find her" by simon and garfunkel
9) Mellow scene: "the sea" by morcheeba
10) Choreographed Dance Scene:
11) Sex scene: "bachelorette" by bjork/"pumpkin" by tricky
12) Angry/bitter scene: "mr self-destruct" by nin"/"adam and eve" by ani
13) Breakup scene: "something i can never have" by nin/"from the edge of the deep green sea" by the cure
14) Evil/Revenge scene:
15) Contemplation scene:
16) Sad/breakdown scene: "in spite of me" by morphine/"comfortably numb" by pink floyd
17) Death scene:
18) Funeral scene: "cold cold ground" by tom waits
19) Nostalgia scene:
20) Closing credits:

ooh, but there are so many possibilities...i will come back to this!!


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