Saturday, March 13, 2004

it's been an eventful week. the rundown:

monday: don't remember.

tuesday: got iud inserted. cursed loudly and fluidly during the procedure and thought i might faint. (my cervix was not terribly into the idea of being pinched into stability THEN having first the sound--basically a long metal probe--and then the inserter stuck through it into my uterus it when it was not at all prepared for such nonsense....) wandered around having cramps. drank some tea, sent out my thank you notes to the folks at cornell.

(i hate writing thank you notes. or really writing anything. i'll put together a couple of sentences, reread them, cross out one and rewrite the other. everything i write for any sort of formal purpose almost always sounds like crap. consequently i have been putting off said thank you notes for FAR too long. but they're done now.)

also, a work friend got into grad school, thus relieving many many months of her angst.

wednesday: got truly excellent results from an experiment i wasn't expecting to work. so beautiful i couldn't have wished for anything better--it was absolutely clear that the gene i was looking at was expressed exactly where i had expected them to be. that was the first good thing.

went to calculus. was somewhat mystified by improper integrals. got the first midterm back and realized that i had done extremely well. was pleased.

came home to find a thin envelope from uconn awaiting me. i would have been more distressed except that howell had mysteriously referred to some "good news." (he looked through the envelope, saw that they were asking for money, and took that as a good sign.) and lo, it was good news! i am going to medical school! and i am going to be a doctor!

that sounds so odd, and yet not. i am going to be a doctor.

more on that later/another time.

went out with the monkeys to celebrate. now, i hate bars. but my friends are obsessed with getting me into them and accustomed to them.

...pager going off...

back later.


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