Monday, June 28, 2004

just saw farenheit 9/11. if you haven't seen it, you oughta. it's very clearly a michael moore documentary; however, he manages to keep the usual antics minimal (and driving an ice cream truck around the capitol and reading the patriot act was pretty brilliant) and covers the events of 9/11 in a more moving manner than i'd imagined possible.

it was a bit scattered, running from the bush-saud family connection to the poverty-military service connection. given about 8 hours, he could probably have done justice to all (or at least more) of the vast quantity of material he appeared to have at hand. at it was, the film did a phenomenal job of showing the grotesque realities of war. i mean, i am strongly anti-war, but the images...only made me more so, which i didn't think possible. i'm sure that some folks out there will condemn it for showing the things it showed, the blood and the gore and the suffering, but it strikes me that this is the first time since vietnam (the first time in my lifetime, and the first time in many many young american lifetimes) where real images of war have been put forth to the (civilian) public. made it real, in this age of video games and quentin tarantino movie gore. it could only be a good thing, in my view.

i'm listening to the bbc as i type, and thinking about how interesting the early transfer of power in iraq is. don't quite know what it means. didn't seem like things were ready, but at the same time, must be better to get power back to the people living under it. my gut feeling, though, is that the bushies are just trying to get rid of an ugly situation that could pull the poll numbers down. it will be interesting to see where things go next.

in that vein, a useful site i ought to check more often. probably you too.

finally, something about watching that film reinforced my (enthusiasm? faith? something-er-other?) in my career decision (as it were), e.g., being a doctor. there was a bit about those who are the backbone of the country (referring to folks in the military), and another about getting help those who need it most. and again, i am elated that i will be able to do something useful, something needed...

for next time: ranting about bisexual identity when one is in a longterm committed heterosexual relationship. (and plans for a t-shirt a la daddyzine's which says, "nobody knows i'm bi.")

incidentally, texas was delightful, indeed, far more delightful than i might ever have imagined texas could be. although it may have been the influence of grace and mark's very pleasant company...

finally (and lo, it doth never rain but it poureth), you should really go here.


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