Tuesday, June 08, 2004

yeah, so i'm back. haven't had the energy to do much record-keeping lately...like for three months. but i think it'll be good for me to have an outlet, especially over the next little while. i'm feeling overwhelmed--mostly in a good way--by the sheer volume of changes that will occur and things that will need to get done before i go to school in august.

thus, expect to hear more from me soon. though you might not want to hold your breath...

two things, briefly:
1) went to my first bridal shower over the weekend. it was scary, but not quite so terrifying as i'd feared, and way less creepy than danielle's baby shower. it was at the ritz-fucking-carlton, and i got matching ripped-off blisters on both little toes from wearing my otherwise-delightful giant boots of death. but the shower provided a wonderful opportunity to hang out with my coworkers-cum-friends, who (i'm realizing more and more) are really lots of fun.

2) the city of boston/mass bay transit authority has decided to conduct random searches of subway passengers' belongings as part of the ongoing democratic national convention debacle ('though i think it may become permanent policy?). guess who'll be riding her bike EVERYWHERE from now on....


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