Monday, October 11, 2004

over the weekend, my grandfather told me he's donating his body to the local medical school when he dies.

this freaked me out.

it's a great thing to do, and i told him as much. as i've gone on about ad nauseaum, i think i'll never have another experience like anatomy lab. and i entirely foresee this as being far far in the future...he's a tough old dude.

but he's my grandfather. my dear, sweet, crotchety, stubborn, motor-oil-and-sweat-smelling swamp yankee grandfather. and the idea of his poor dead self being exposed to a bunch of medical students makes me a little queasy. i kept picturing him in my own cadaver's place--and it really hit me that he, this as-yet nameless donor, has his own family who loves him and probably feels the same way about us.

i resolve to be more respectful than ever, and to learn as much as i can so that his family's anxiety and sick feelings can at least come to a good end.

and to those pipsqueak brown med students of many years hence--be nice to him. treat him like your own.


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