Tuesday, October 12, 2004

why is it that i keep being hit on by random guys? some dude in wild oats was (i think, but i'm dumb about shit like that) trying to pick me up tonight. and i'm so clueless about it and don't know a tasteful way to say that i'm happily partnered to a tall scary looking man who tells the best stories ever and is fabulous in bed and whom i love to tiny little squishy pieces (but i'm getting beside the point). in any case, i wish this particular phenomenon would go away. is that obnoxious to say? i'm a terribly private person when it comes to strangers, and i feel like asking for my number is an intrusion, particularly in light of my partnered status...


on a much more delightful note, i met the cutest 90-something year old in clinic today. she still lives by herself and is very stubborn about what medication she doesn't want to take. "throw it away" she said, waving her hand at the trashcan when my doc mentioned something she didn't like...it was fun times in clinic today, nonstop people people people....

other? i bought beer tonight for my own consumption. this is a first ever.

i am trying to go on a low sodium diet, as my blood pressure is a tad high for a 25 year old runner and all the shit they tell us in school about high bp has scared the poopy out of me. (look up aortic dissection for shits and giggles and you'll see what i mean.) but low sodium diets suck my ass.

and your spinal cord (and mine) is a very cool thing.

that is all. i sleep now.


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