Thursday, December 02, 2004

well, i've survived the worst month of the year, the re-election of dubya, and my first med school course. i've emerged from the mire of the just-begun head-neck-and-neurology section to write and procrastinate. although really i should go to sleep. i cried on one of my profs today--one who'll be writing my residency recommendation, no less. not sure how bright that was--crikey.

anyhow, i'm not dead. and wanted to share my new favorite thing with y'all: vegan marshmallows! they make me so unreasonably happy for something that's really kind of gross when you come down to it. yum.

in the hunt for said marshmallows, i discovered that 1) a vegan convenience store and 2) a vegan bicycle shop have opened in pdx since i left! sigh. i have got to get back to that town someday.

more later about my crisis of confidence in my ability to be a grown up professional later...



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