Monday, March 14, 2005

the grind

yes, i'm back.

break was satisfying, if far less relaxing and productive than i'd hoped. i got to spend lots of quality time with my delightful, kooky family (who only made me a little bit crazy) and i saw a great deal of my dear friend of many years, m...and her fuzzy fuzzy dog! i forgot how much i enjoy spending time just hanging out with her, now that we're both arriving at some sort of emotional stability. years and years of friendship...we've seen so much change in each other that it's amazing we still recognize each other, let alone get along. but we do, beautifully.

i had a number of really excellent salvation army scores, including a complete and highly respectable Outfit By Salvation Army of which i'm particularly proud. it's nice enough that i can even wear it to go see patients, and it's damn comfortable. oh, and did i mention it was like 20 bucks for pants, a tank top-thing, sweater, -and- shoes? rockin. i chalk it up to m's benificent presence.

so that was rhode island.

i got delayed in going to boston by New England's Shittiest Weather (tm) on tuesday. a horrid combination of rain, sleet, snow, hail, wintry mix, and ass fell from the sky (for those of you lucky enough to be elsewhere), clogging windshield wipers and slowing traffic to a crawl. oh, and making the roads fucking slippery as shit. so i decided to spend another night chez the folks...except that my sister's wipers broke and we (meaning the whole family) had to excurse out to her workplace (normally 20-30 minutes away, an hour each way that night) and retrieve her. and all four of us were in our own separate rotten moods, then stuck in one not-very-big car to pool them all together. needless to say, a good time was had by all.

what else?

ah, boston. it was delightful, as always. i had the disturbing and uncomfortable realization that the suburbs are making me soft when, after riding tank (my bike) all day wednesday, my butt announced that it was very bruised. i spent the rest of the week in mourning for my poor lost butt calluses (don't laugh--they're quite useful!). that didn't deter me from riding everywhere, and protesting loudly on the one occasion when i was asked to drive the vehicle. there were some bad times with the wu, leading me to rethink the wisdom of deciding to work with her again this summer. however, i feel that if i keep on top of things and hone my boss wrangling skills, all will be fine. ach, she's an awesome person--but she can be so obnoxious to work with. case in point: we discussed applying to a program for funding for me in early february. i drafted a proposal and sent it to her 2 and a half weeks ago. when did she read it? wednesday, as i was sitting in her office with her. and then she asked me to come back twice more, because lordisa knows i haven't anything else to do, like, oh, BE ON VACATION. but whatever, proposal is submitted now, so let's hope they fund the fucker. anyways, i'm digressing.

the best part of being in boston is always seeing my peeps,and see them i did. there were a few i missed (i always seem to), like my dear, dear satan, and ms c and her boy n. and that makes me sad--but on the other hand i actually got to see k. three whole times! this is remarkable, as she's been a bit reclusive lately, it seems, and who could blame her? she's got some shit going on in her life which i hope starts to look up soon. knowing that made it all the sweeter that i did get to see her as much as i did. and miz schmee (whose delightful sweater--the one with the holes in the boob--i'm currently wearing). i even got to see j on her way back into town from foreign lands AND go on long run with her (in some of the most disgusting conditions ever, i'd like to add, although the company went a long way to improving that).

and of course, i got to spend time with h.

there aren't words. it's so good just to be there. it's an odd relationship we have, because it's been so long and we know each other so well. it's like coming home.

i;d write more, but it'd be even less articulate than this.

we did end up talking about the situation with c. it had gotten really, really bad right before break--i felt horribly guilty just for thinking and feeling the way i did, which in retrospect seems a bit excessive. but it was wrecking. i think i made at least one friend at school a little bit worried. in any case, i'd meant to bring up the matter and my confusion earlier in my visit, but i kept putting it off. then saturday night i woke up at one AM full of a diffuse, horrendous anxiety and ended up sobbing (literally) the whole thing out to h. by three, i started feeling better. this is just another reason why h is amazing. though he does tickle me too much...

i think there's more to say, but i grow sleepy.

i'd like to close with the...interesting thought that i've had a pretty continuous mental music track of what can only be called "booty music" for the last fucking week. this includes such delights as marvin gaye's "let's get it on," george michael's "father figure," various filthy prince songs, and beck's "debra," which may as well be a filthy prince song. now if only i had "baby got back" to add to my collection...


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you've got good taste in music :)..

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