Tuesday, June 07, 2005


looking back through the titles of my past (sparse) posts is a mite depressing. i can't promise that this one will be any less so, but whatever. the last week or so has been incredibly full and finding melinda extremely distracted. this is bad, as she has not one but three exams in the next week. and has to move. yikes.

for the amount that i've been dicking around, i am feeling remarkably prepared (which is to say, not really prepared, but also not in a state of utter panic). it may perhaps just be the overwhelming relief i feel at the eminent arrival of the end of this school year. this should not be interpreted to mean that i haven't enjoyed myself--i have, immensely. i have done a vast amount of introspection and i think have grown. (blah, sounds cheesy, but nonetheless true. i am definitely less scared of people than i was at this time last year, and that's progress). and have met some awesome folks. you know, all the usual life-changing foolery that comes along with any intensive schooling experience. but the fact remains that i am TIRED. my brain is full, and it's difficult for me to make it hold any more. (i shudder to think about what it's like at other schools where the school year is shorter but they have 8 HOURS OF LECTURE PER DAY. those poor, poor students. they must be unable to form complete sentences the vast majority of the time.)

eh. i seem to have forgotten where this was going, in the same sort of way that i've forgotten my wallet, keys, binder containing everything there is to know about this course section, water bottle, and almost anything else you could name at some point during the last 3 days.

i had a good night though, to conclude a rather lousy day. i woke up in a fairly bad mood which progressed throughout the morning, vacillating between extreme grumpiness, despair, and torpor. and a tetanus shot. somehow, though, i made it over the 4 pm hump, bought a shitload of good, cheap produce, had a pleasant solid dinner, and then studied in my personal library (aka the w.h. starbucks*) until it closed--3 and almost 1/2 hours of productivity. i am going to have to repeat this experiment.

and now i'm drinking italian hot lemon beverage with some quality bourbon and going to bed.

*so, yeah, starbucks. i know it's the evil empire, but i justify it thusly:
1. i buy the cheapest thing on the menu, a small coffee, so i am not giving them much of my (or rather, your, as it's all govt loans) hard-earned lettuce.
2. i occupy real estate in the coffee shop for hours at a time studying (and go to starbucks exclusively when studying or peeing, never if i just want a cup o' joe) and would feel guilty doing that at an independent, neighborhood place where i'd be blocking seats for potential customers. at starbucks, no one gives a shit--not me, not the employees, not the other customers. this same principal applies for bringing and eating my own damn food in house.
3. starbucks, for its numerous faults, is good to their employees unlike MANY other large, profitable enterprises and i can support that. and i try to tip well.


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